Wither Reaper Costume
Wither Reaper Costume Full Size
Type Costume
Protection None
Durability Infinite
Special Wither Protection
Added Version Unknown
 The Wither Reaper Costume is the Costume obtained by trading with the Jack-O-Man. Being a costume, it has no damage reduction, but it has infinite durability. A full set of the Wither Reaper Costume requires a total of 14 Wither Skeleton Skulls, making it one of the most difficult armors to obtain in Divine RPG.

Full Set Bonus

If the player wears a full set of the Wither Reaper Costume, he/she will receive:

  • Wither Protection

This means that the player will be immune to the Wither effect. Though this may seem useful, it is in fact almost useless, as this costume provides no additional defensive capabilities. The player is still extremely vulnerable to the sword strikes of a Wither Skeleton or the explosive projectiles fired from The Wither. It is not recommended to obtain this costume, as bosses such as The Wither can be defeated with relative ease in Divine RPG.


Trading Items Input » Output Product

Wither Skeleton Skulls

Jack-O-Man Trade.png

Wither Skeleton Skull


Wither Reaper Hat

Wither Reaper Hat

Jack-O-Man Trade.png

Wither Skeleton Skull


Wither Reaper Body

Wither Reaper Body

Jack-O-Man Trade.png

Wither Skeleton Skull


Wither Reaper Leggings

Wither Reaper Leggings

Jack-O-Man Trade.png

Wither Skeleton Skull


Wither Reaper Boots

Wither Reaper Boots


  • The Wither Reaper Costume requires a total of 14 Wither Skeleton Skulls, which makes it one of the hardest armor sets to obtain. As Wither Skeletons have a 1/40 of dropping their Skulls, on average, the player has to kill 560 Wither Skeletons, which spawns rarely enough as it is.

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