Weak Cori
A Weak Cori in a cave.
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version
Spawned In Dravite Hills
Health 10 HP (Heartx5)
Attack Type Ranged
Damage Output 50HP (Normal)
Drops 0-1 Dravite Souls
Weak Coris are found in the Dravite Hills dimension. They fly around, shooting projectiles that look like Dravite Gems. Weak Coris can spawn on the ground and might get stuck under trees.

Note: Weak Coris deal a very high amount of damage, much more than the majority of non-boss mobs. An unprepared person may die in 2 hits (even with Elite Realmite Armor), so watch out. There is an upgraded version of Weak Coris found in the Mythril Mountains, which has more health and deals even more damage, called the Skythern Cori.

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