War General
Mob Type NPC Trader
Spawn Dungeon of Arcana
Health Points 1000 (Heartx500)
Drops Nothing

The War General is an NPC who spawns in the Dungeon of Arcana. He trades the player various Arcanic weaponry in exchange for Arcanium and Dungeon Tokens.


The War General trades the following items:

Cost Item
6 Arcanium Divine Accumulator
17 Dungeon Tokens Meteor Mash
18 Arcanium Arcanite Blaster
30 Arcanium Arcanite Blade
18 Arcanium General's Staff
7 Arcanium Arcanium Reflector
7 Arcanium Arcanium Attractor
WarGeneralGUI 2

The GUI of the War General.