Vile Storm
Type Ranged
Added 1.0
Damage Output HeartHeart
Damage Speed 1
Consumes Itself
Durability N/A
Stackable Yes (64)
Special Ability Poison Effect 45 seconds
Data Value  ?

The Vile Storm is a poisonous upgrade of a Shuriken. It deals 4 Points (HeartHeart), same as the shuriken) of damage, but it also poisons the target for 45 seconds. It is crafted with 4 Shurikens (1 Iron Ingot makes 4) and 1 Jungle Shard, which makes 4 Vile Storms. These are used up after 1 throw, whether it hits a Mob or the ground.


Ingredients Input » Output Product Use

Shuriken (4)

Jungle Shard (1)

GUI Crafting Table.png



Jungle Shard



Vile Storm

Vile Storm Throwing Weapon

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