This is compendium of weapons that you can find in Vethea.


These discs are all ranged weapons that are thrown, but return to the player once they hit a block or mob ,a bit like boomerangs. WARNING: Do not move when throwing the Disc because it will bounce back and go infinitely.

Name Damage Durability
Grid Teaker DiscTeaker Disc 4 Infinite
Grid Amthirmis DiscAmthirmis Disc 6 Infinite
Grid Darven DiscDarven Disc 9 Infinite
Grid Cermile DiscCermile Disc 13 Infinite
Grid Pardimal WarDiscPardimal WarDisc 16 Infinite
Grid Quadrotic WarDiscQuadrotic WarDisc 20 Infinite
Grid Karos WarDiscKaros WarDisc 22 Infinite
Grid Heliosis WrathDiscHeliosis WrathDisc 29 Infinite
Grid Arksiane WrathDiscArksiane WrathDisc 37 Infinite


These bows are all ranged weapons that use specialized ammunition.

Name Ammunition Damage Durability

Grid Teaker BowTeaker Bow

Grid Teaker ArrowTeaker Arrow 5 Infinite
Grid Amthirmis BowAmthirmis Bow 7 Infinite
Grid Darven BowDarven Bow Grid Darven ArrowDarven Arrow 11 Infinite
Grid Cermile BowCermile Bow 14 Infinite
Grid Pardimal WarBowPardimal WarBow Grid Pardimal ArrowPardimal Arrow 18 Infinite
Grid Quadrotic WarBowQuadrotic WarBow 21 Infinite
Grid Karos WarBowKaros WarBow Grid Karos ArrowKaros Arrow 23 Infinite
Grid Heliosis WrathBowHeliosis WrathBow 28 Infinite
Grid Arksiane WrathBowArksiane WrathBow 36 Infinite
Grid EverfrightEverfright Grid Ever ArrowEver Arrow 46 Infinite


These are ranged weapons that are affected by gravity. They use Acid as ammunition.

Name Damage Durability
Grid Teaker Cannon
Teaker Cannon
3 Unknown
Grid Amthirmis Cannon
Amthirmis Cannon
5 Unknown
Grid Darven Cannon
Darven Cannon
8 Unknown
Grid Cermile Cannon
Cermile Cannon
12 Unknown
Grid Pardimal WarCannon
Pardimal WarCannon
15 Unknown
Grid Quadrotic WarCannon
Quadrotic WarCannon
19 Unknown
Grid Karos WarCannon
Karos WarCannon
21 Unknown
Grid Heliosis WrathCannon
Heliosis WrathCannon
28 Unknown
Grid Arksiane WrathCannon
Arksiane WrathCannon
36 Unknown
Grid Eversight
42 Unknown


These are ranged weapons that are affected by gravity. Their ammo is Arcana.  The player's Arcana bar stores 200 Arcana.

Name Damage Durability Arcana Consumption
Grid Teaker Staff
Teaker Staff
3 Infinite 10
Grid Amthirmis Staff
Amthirmis Staff
5 Infinite 10
Grid Darven Staff
Darven Staff
8 Infinite 10
Grid Cermile Staff
Cermile Staff
12 Infinite 10
Grid Pardimal WarStaff
Pardimal WarStaff
15 Infinite 10
Grid Quadrotic WarStaff
Quadrotic WarStaff
19 Infinite 10
Grid Karos WarStaff
Karos WarStaff
21 Infinite 10
Grid Heliosis WrathStaff
Heliosis WrathStaff
28 Infinite 10
Grid Arksiane WrathStaff
Arksiane WrathStaff
36 Infinite 10
Grid Evernight
115 Infinite 200

Melee Weapons

All Vethean melee weapons do 4 damage and have infinite durability. The amount of damage they deal is probably a bug. All "Claw" type weapons cannot block, so it is recommended to infuse a weapon that can block, because they all deal 4 damage (Heart x2).

TEAKER MELEE WEAPONS - Backsword, Hammer, Claw

Grid Teaker BackSword
Grid Teaker Hammer
Grid Teaker Claw

AMTHIRMIS MELEE WEAPONS - Backsword, Hammer, Claw

Grid Amthirmis BackSword
Grid Amthirmis Hammer
Grid Amthirmis Claw

DARVEN MELEE WEAPONS - Backsword, Hammer, Claw

Grid Darven BackSword
Grid Darven Hammer
Grid Darven Claw

CERMILE MELEE WEAPONS - Backsword, Hammer, Claw

Grid Cermile BackSword
Grid Cermile Hammer
Grid Cermile Claw

PARDIMAL MELEE WEAPONS - Warsword, WarHammer, WarClaw

Grid Pardimal WarSword
Grid Pardimal WarHammer
Grid Pardimal WarClaw

QUADROTIC MELEE WEAPONS - Warsword, WarHammer, WarClaw

Grid Quadrotic WarSword
Grid Quadrotic WarHammer
Grid Quadrotic WarClaw

KAROS MELEE WEAPONS - Warsword, WarHammer, WarClaw

Grid Karos WarSword
Grid Karos WarHammer
Grid Karos WarClaw

HELIOSIS MELEE WEAPONS - Wrathsword, WrathHammer, WrathClaw

Grid Heliosis WrathSword
Grid Heliosis WrathHammer
Grid Heliosis WrathClaw


Grid Everlight
Grid Everbright

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