Vethea Teaser 5

Vethea Dimension

Vethean Consumables are items that can be consumed (used or eaten) in the Vethea dimension. Note: everything that is consumable is traded with The Hunger, except for Pearls .


Food is used to restore your Hunger. The only way to have food is to trade with The HungerNote: Every food is set to Pet Food: True except for the Dream Sours. They are used to feed the Ehu, a pet mob that rarely spawns in Vethea.


Pearls are used to trade with The Hunger.

Boss Spawners

The Dream Flint is used to spawn The Wreck and the boss spawned with the Moon Clock is Lady Luna.


Lumps are infused into templates to create weapons and armor. They are given by Mysterious Men, Crypt Keepers, and some bosses.


Templates are bought from The Hunger and are used to create Vethean Weapons and Vethean Armor at an Infusion Table

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