Version 1.2 A Jolly Good Update,
Full changelog of the update.
Next Update [1.3, A Bad Dream]


Two completely new dimensions.


=>A brand new frozen dimension.

=>An early on dimension.

=>Filled with many new mobs [see below].

=>Contains all new dungeons that generate underground.

=>Contains generating workshop villages above ground.

=>Houses multiple NPC traders to receive new goodies.

Dungeon Of Arcana

=>An infinite dungeon dimension.

=>Filled with endless rooms.

=>Contains parkour traps.

=>Many new mobs habit the dungeon. [See Below]

=>Large boss spawn rooms for the two new bosses. [See Below]

=>Five new NPCs inhabit the dungeon.

=>Generates Arcanium Extractor blocks to receive arcanium.


Mob Related

=>Many new mobs for both dimensions.

=>Mobs for Iceika:


====>Frozen Ranger





====>Workshop Merchant [NPC]

====>Workshop Tinkerer [NPC]

=>Mobs for the Dungeon Of Arcana:


====>Death Hound

====>Dungeon Prisoner / Demon


====>Dungeon Constructor


====>Dramix [Boss]

====>Parasecta [Boss]

====>Lord Vatticus [NPC]

====>Captain Merik [NPC]

====>Datticon [NPC]

====>Zelus [NPC]

====>Leorna [NPC]



=>Arcana Related Weapons:

====>Storm Sword

====>Arcanium Reflector

====>Ender Scepter

====>Ghost Bane


====>Shadow Saber


====>Arcanium Saber

====>Staff Of Starlight

====>Captain's Sparkler

====>Merik's Missile

=>Workshop Tinkered Weapons:

====>Snowflake Shuriken


====>Serenade Of Ice

====>Glacier Sword

====>Icicle Bow

====>Frostclaw Cannon

====>Fractite Cannon

====>Frostking Sword

====>Sound Of Carols


====>Snowstorm Bow

====>Icine Sword

====>Frozen Maul


=>Other Weapons:

====>Frost Sword

====>Molten Sword

====>Ender Bow

====>Corrupted Cannon

====>Icicle Bane


====>La Vekor

====>Livica Sword


=>Korma Armor, fills a player's arcana bar faster when worn.

=>Vemos Armor, fills a player's health faster when worn.:


=>Several new generation blocks for both Iceika and the Dungeon Of Arcana.

=>Several new function blocks for new utilities.

=>Many new furnaces with a range of different abilities.

=>New decorative blocks for creative design.

=>Many new plants for interesting new purposes, such as a Lamona, when thrown will cause a trail of light.

Auxillary Items

=>Many new materials for operations throughout the dimensions.

=>Snowflakes, gained via Iceika dungeons act as a currency in Iceika.

=>Arcanium, gained via exploring the Dungeon Of Arcana acts as a currency in the dungeon.

=>A new Arcana Music Box that will play the music track when in the dungeon.

=>Multiple new foods.

=>New orb of light that will cast light around a player wherever the player goes. The orb must be in the player's inventory.

Arcana System

=>A new bar will appear on a player's HUD in game.

=>A mana like system.

=>The bar will regenerate when emptied.

=>The bar is used to power Arcana weapons.

Tooltip System

=>In game items will display their statistics.

=>Weapons will reveal what type of weapon they are, and how much damage they do.

=>All items will show off their durability in the form of a number that is updated constantly.

=>Tooltips can be viewed by hovering over an item.

Boss AI Changes

=>Vamacheron will now charge at a player instead of running around rapidly, he will miss and pause, then charge again.

=>Mamormeter has a special attack where he will call his explosive shots to rain from the sky onto a player.

=>Dex & Zichile is now a dual boss fight, as well as they provide damage to a player when stricken.

=>Kar-OT will now summon angry bunnies along his path to attack players.

=>The ancient entity received an AI upgrade as well as a bounding box fix.

Mechanic Changes

=>A hellstone ingot will now only require 1 shadow bar, not 2.

=>The call of the watcher and mysterious clock will now only require 4 hellstone ingots each, not 8.

=>Aquastrive armor is now crafted with aquatic ingots.

=>The Eye received a buff in the chance at dropping rupee ingots.

=>Tar is now bucket-able with an Arcanium Bucket.

=>Arid warriors now shoot players.

=>All bosses received buffs in drops.

Revision Version [1.2.1]

=>Opening a bone chest, present box crash fixed.

=>Boss room generation fix for dungeon.

=>Dungeon Constructor drops fixed.

=>Extractor renamed in code for improved IC2 compatibility.

Revision Version [1.2.2]

=>Extractor renamed in code for IC2 compatibility.

=>Mob add names fix.

=>Particles and sounds for snowstorm bow and sound of carols added.

Revision Version [1.2.3 -- Balance Update]

=>The Eye will now spawn more commonly, and up to level 15.

=>Corrupted bullets had a change in recipe, one corrupted shard now crafts 16 bullets.

=>All slicer recipes were changed, they are now easier to craft.

=>Iron armor was re-nerfed.

=>Scorchers aim became better.

=>Netherite armor is now stronger.

=>Major armor rebalances.


Version 1.1 A Jolly Good Update!,
Full changelog of the update.
Next Update [1.2, A Bad Dream]

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