Mob Type Boss
Added In Version 1.0
Spawned By Vamacheron Crystal
Health 5000 HP (Heartx2500)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 25 damage (Heartx12.5)
Drops Vamacheron Statue, Halite Blade
Spawns in Augite Depths
A Vamacheron is a mob that is spawned by Vamacheron Crystal . It looks like a 2-headed Augite Cadillion. He has a very high running speed and while he doesn't deal a huge amount of damage his huge health and being hard to hit due to his speed make him a dangerous boss. To make the Spawn Crystal you need 4 Augite Souls and 1 Base Spawn Crystal. He drops a Vamacheron Statue and a Halite Blade.

There is an extremely easy way to kill the Vamacheron, provided you can absorb at least one hit from him. Make sure you are backed in a wall. When he charges at you to attack you, jump up and strike him from above (make sure that he's stuck inside of you). Then once he stops, continue striking from above until he's dead. Provided you have a good, durable sword and don't hit him out of you, he should not move, attack, or be of any harm until dead.

Spawn Crystal Recipe

GUI Crafting Table.png

Base Spawn Crystal

Augite Soul

Augite Soul

Augite Soul

Augite Soul

Vamacheron Crystal

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