As of the 1.2.8 Update, these are the "Utility Blocks", as listed in the creative tab, added by DivineRPG:

Hot Spike Block

Hot spike block

When the player stands on top of this block, they take fire damage.


When the player is on the block, it accellerates the player in one direction.


2013-02-12 15.16.29

Functions similarly to a ladder, but when the player reaches the top, the player receives a temporary speed boost.

Dark Bridge

2013-02-12 15.18.33

When powered by a redstone current the block becomes solid and can be walked on.

2013-02-12 15.20.29

Redstone Block

2013-02-12 15.21.20

A storage block for redstone. No current use.

Dark Plate

2013-02-12 15.22.32

Acts as a pressure plate. Can only be powered by players, ignores mobs and items.


2013-02-12 15.24.31

When jumped on, the player is launched into the air.

Dravite Chest

2013-02-12 15.26.45

Has 54 slots, and can be placed next to each other.

Uvite Rail

2013-02-12 15.28.40

When travelling in a minecrat along an Uvite Rail the minecart does not slow down.

Bone Chest

Has 27 slots, can be placed next to another chest. Can be opened even if it has a block on top of it

Bone Chest Full Size

Altar Of Corruption

2013-02-12 15.31.00

An enchantment table that enchants at the highest level without bookshelves. Currently cannot enchant books properly. It will give you a book with enchantments rather than an enchanted book.


2013-02-12 15.35.32

Whitefire Furnace

From left to right: Molten Furnace, Greenlight Furnace, Oceanfire Furnace, Moonlight Furnace, Whitefire Furnace.

Molten Furnaces, Oceanfire Furnaces and Whitefire Furnaces do not require fuel. (Not sure if 100% correct)

Greenlight Furnace and Moonlight Furnace both require fuel. (Again, not sure if 100% correct)

Demon Furnace

2013-02-12 15.40.08

Functions like a furnace. If placed in the nether works without fuel.

Arcanium Rail

2013-02-12 15.42.01

Acts like a powered rail but does not require a redstone current.