This page contains all of the confirmed features that will be added in upcoming versions of DivineRPG. A good way to keep up to date on upcoming features is by following the DivineRPG team's Twitter at and by checking the official Minecraft Forums topic every so often.

NOTE: Spinarus isn't planned for any near-future versions yet and will be added in a new dimension (if added at all).


At least one new dimension. Eternaldoom has stated this on the MC Forums. According to Eternaldoom it will start with the letters "Th" but nothing else is known.


Eternaldoom has confirmed that each twilight dimension (besides Mortum) will be getting a new boss.

The new boss for Eden will be called "Sunstorm" and is also known as the "Guardian of Light."

The new boss for The Wildwood will be called "Termasect" and is also known as the "Forest Scourge."