Twilight Demon
Twilight demon
The Twilight Demon
Mob Type Boss
Added In 1.1
Spawns In Augite depths
Health 1600 HP (Heartx800)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 45 (Heartx22.5)
Drops Twilight Demon Statue, Halite Bow, Halite Blitz
Additional Info Burns in Sunlight
The Twilight Demon is a boss spawned with the Twilight Demon Crystal in the Augite Depths. The Twilight Demon has 1600 HP (Heartx800), has a 2x2 model, and attacks with melee. It will take damage when under sunlight.This boss has many ways to kill,although is extremely hard to defeat. In 1.7.10 the Twilight Demon has gained a revamp, instead of melee, the Twilight Demon will shoot a stream of particle effects, if you get caught in this, alot of damage is done and the player will get nausea.


There is a very easy way to kill the Twilight Demon that doesn't require the use of a sword. Simply spawn him in a room that has a ceiling that is two blocks high (so you can spawn him in) but also two blocks deep. When you spawn the Twilight Demon, he will start to suffocate in the top block, and after a long while, he will die and you can get his drops really easily.

It is recommended to use at least a mythril phaser since he has really long range.

Possible drops

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