Tormented Armor
Tormented Armor 150px
Type Armor
Protection 77% Damage Reduction
Durability Infinite
Special Helmet: 15% Melee Dmg Red.

+9 Melee Damage

Mask: 15% Ranged Dmg Red.

2X Movement Speed

Hood: 15% Arcana Dmg Red.

4X Jump Height

Added Version 1.3
Tormented Armor is an Armor Set obtained from infusing Tormented Templates with Vethean Lumps. It is one of the strongest sets of armor in Divine RPG, and is vital for progressing through the Vethea. As with all Vethean Armors, there are 3 types of Helmets, which change the Full Set Bonus should they be worn. 

Full Set Bonus

If the player wears a full set of Tormented Armor, depending on the type of Helmet, he/she will receive:

  • Helmet: 15% Melee Damage Reduction, +9 Melee Damage
  • Mask: 15% Ranged Damage Reduction, 2X Movement Speed
  • Hood: 15% Arcana Damage Reduction, 4X Jump Height

As with all Vethean Armors, each Helmet has a different property when the player is wearing a full set. If the player wears the Tormented Helmet, he/she will be granted with an additional 15% Melee Damage Reduction, as well as a +9 Melee Damage bonus. This is the same with the Tormented Mask and Hood, except they provide Ranged and Arcana Damage Reduction, along with 2X Movement Speed and 4X Jump Height respectively.


Due to spacing issues of the table, some items will be written in short form.

Template Infusion Material Input » Output Product Dmg Red.
Tormented Template Darven Lumps 26 Helmet 14%
Pardimal Lumps 32 Mask
Amthirmis Lumps 23 Hood
Karos Lumps 35 Body 28%
Cermile Lumps 29 Legs 21%
Teaker Lumps 20 Boots 14%


  • This armor would be the strongest armor in the Vethea, and also would be one of the strongest armors in the game. However, it is bugged and doesn't work. If it did, it would roughly be the equivalent of (or even better than) Halite Armor.
  • Due to the Layer based mechanics of the Vethea, one cannot obtain a full set of Tormented Armor until they have arrived at the 4th layer.


  • There is a bug where Vethean Armors currently do not give any protection despite what it says on the armor tooltips.

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