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    This purpose of this post is for players to list bugs and glitches encountered in Divine RPG. This post is created for easy reference (and for fun).for the players of Divine RPG. Anyone can post on this discussion of the bugs they have encountered. 

    Before posting onto the Bugs and Glitches Discussion, make sure you do not post a repeated Bug or Glitch. Repeated Bugs or Glitches may be removed.

    Submitting a Bug

    If you wish to submit a Bug, simply describe the bug in some detail.

    Here is a model response (this is not a real bug)

    Type: Minor Bug

    If you kill the Watcher, it will only drop 99 Netherite Ingots. 

    Submitting a Glitch

    If you wish to submit a Glitch, follow these guidelines:

    1. State the Category of your bug or glitch
    2. Describe the nature of the Glitch (Did you phase through a wall? Did you kill The Watcher in 1 hit?)
    3. State any reprecussions afterwards. (Were you unable to open the game? Did your inventory get cleared?)
    4. Did you manage to solve the problem? (What did you do afterwards?)
    5. State what you did prior to the bug or glitch and what you think caused it.  (Did you eat 1000 Magic Meat?)
    6. Can you repeat the glitch? (Simple Yes/No question) 

    Make sure you have entered the correct information where appropiate.

    Here is a model response (this is not a real glitch):

    Type: Major Glitch

    I got hit by the Ancient Entity, and I got knocked up to Y = 2000+ and died. When I clicked respawn, my spawn was set to Y = 2000+, and I fell to my death. Everytime I respawned, I would respawn way up in the sky. I was forced to change into creative mode and land safetly, before resetting my spawn. Prior to this, I had enchanted 20 books and jumped up and down 50 times in Dravite Hills, before returning to the Overworld, where I then spawned the Ancient Entity. I think this glitch was caused by a random error, as I could not repeat the glitch, as when the Ancient Entity hit me again, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

    Classifying Bugs or Glitches

    Bugs or Glitches can be classified under the following:

    • Critical Bug or Glitch (Anything that makes the game unplayable)
    • Major Bug or Glitch (Affects gameplay significantly)
    • Minor Bug or Glitch (Affects gameplay slightly)
    • Graphical Bug or Glitch (Affects graphics)
    • Negligable Bug or Glitch (i.e. Text errors - say you were killed by a Dravite Cadillion, but it says you were killed by an energy arrow)

    I hope you players out there have a good time reading or posting on this discussion and sharing your Bugs or Glitches.

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