• So Guys, it's been a long time I was wondering if it would be a good idea of doing a French Version of this current wiki because there is also people who understand much more French then English, thus making the articles we are maintaining hard to understand (?). I would ask to everyone if you guys would be able to help me to develop the wiki, even if it's just correcting grammar/vocabulary errors, linking the fr. wiki to this wiki or even submitting images to the other wiki.  


    • The Divine Rpg Mod should gain popularity, thus making the Divine community bigger (Lol Divine community)
    • This would make French people understand much more how the mod work, making the utilisation of the mod easier for them
    • This Should encourage the developers to release another release of the Mod. (To Be Confirmed?)


    • It will be really hard to maintain two wiki at once (this wiki is already hard due to the number of articles, but two combined...)
    • More Trolls to be banned, and more rollback stuff (Yaaaay -_-)
    • It would be also possible to ask to remove contributors rights for the first months, but it's hard to get a permisson, so...

    Your help is much, much appreciated.

    My name is EyeofEnder, and I thank you guys for giving your time reading my big project.

    EyeofEnder Grid Arksiane WrathDisc Got a Question ? Just Click This.

    More Info To Be Added.

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