The Hive Queen is a boss found within Vethea. The Hive Queen spawns on layer 2 of Vethea within a hive nest. Hive nests can be noticed by their large green and yellow domes. Upon entering a hive nest, The Hive Queen will be found.

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The Hive Queen (Not official picture as picture may change)

The Fight

The Hive Queen herself does not attack. She spawns other mobs frequently to attack for her. Every 4 seconds, she will spawn a Hover Stinger, while every 8 seconds she will spawn a Hive Soldier. This fight can get chaotic quickly as the amount of mobs can largely grow. The Hive Queen is fought within a large dome giving players a lot of space to move around.

The Hive Queen is the creature that must be killed in battle. However, if a player tries to ignore what she spawns and is only focused on her, the fight could become even harder. For example, with a sword that does 16 damage (about layer 2 strength) that can attack twice per second, that is 32 damage per second. The Hive Queen has 2500 health, meaning it would take 78 seconds. This may be a fast way to kill it however in that 78 seconds, 19 Hover Stingers and 9 Hive Soldiers (both of which poison you) will spawn within the fight. That amount of swarming will easily kill a player very quickly.


The Hive Queen should be ranged. This is because melee won't be viable due to her spawning loads of mobs to kill the player. The player has a lot of room to run around in the hive nest which will make the fight much easier.

Ranged armor is the most recommended armor because of the speed boost. This will provide very useful to avoiding mobs and not getting hit.

When killed, the Hive Queen will drop Honeysuckle and Honey Chunks, as well as explode, similarly to the Ender Dragon, dropping XP as well. Honeysuckle is a food, replenishing hunger by one, and with a saturation of 0.2. It is a pet food. Honey chunks are some sort of object.


  • The Hive Queen is a much more dangerous version of Kar-OT.

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