The Grue
Added Version 1.4.1
Spawns Below layer 32, any light level
Health 30 HP (Heartx15)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength 10 Points (Heartx5)
Drops 0 - 3 Corrupted Shards, 1 Arlemite Ingot 100%
The Grue is an aggressive mob that spawns in the Overworld. It only appears to spawn at low elevations, and will appear regardless of light-level. Upon death, it has a chance to drop Corrupted Shards, and will always drop one Arlemite Ingot.


The Grue is an extremely powerful and fast-moving Overworld mob. It can be identified by its very deep heavy breathing and growling sound. It's sight range is the same distance as its sound range, meaning if you can hear The Grue, you are close enough for it to see you. For this reason it's best to turn corners underground cautiously until you have at least Realmite Armor.

The Grue has the highest movement speed of any Overworld mob, higher than even Endermen and Rainbours. From 20 blocks away, (the approximate sight distance) it will close that gap in less than a second.

A simple tactic for fighting the Grue, is making sure you have plenty of space to move around. If you come across it in a mostly open area, the Grue moves too fast for its path finding to keep up with your movement. As a result, you can side step it when it charges at you, and strafe around it to avoid being struck. Alternatively, you can stop it in its tracks by repeatedly striking it, keeping it from touching the ground and speeding off again.