Statues can be dropped by Divine RPG bosses. They are used as trophy blocks that the player can place to show themselves or others how successful they are.

Here's a list of the Boss Statues found in DivineRPG as of the 1.2.8 Update.

Each boss has its respective statue as an uncommon drop, and they can be collected multiple times.

The list is ordered alphabetically.

Known glitch: The statues will only face south.

Ancient Entity Statue

2013-02-12 15.51.21

Ayeraco Horde Statue

2013-02-12 15.53.29

Densos Statue

2013-02-12 15.54.36

Dex and Zichile Statue

2013-02-12 15.53.54

Dramix Statue

2013-02-12 16.02.43

King Of Scorchers Statue

2013-02-12 15.58.17

Reyvor Statue

2013-02-12 15.59.32

Soul Fiend Statue

2013-02-12 16.03.27

Twilight Demon Statue

2013-02-12 16.00.40

Vamacheron Statue

2013-02-12 16.01.16

The Watcher Statue

2013-02-12 16.01.59

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