Star Bridge
Star Bridge
Block Type Utility
Tool Hands
Data Value 620, 621 (on)

The Star Bridge is a utility block from the Dungeon of Arcana obtained by trading with Datticon. It is a non-solid block that turns solid when a Redstone signal is applied to it.


Datticon will give the player 16 Star Bridges in exchange for 8 Arcanium.


Star Bridges have no collision box when they are brown. When this is the case, the player can walk or fall right through them. When a Redstone signal is applied, the Star Bridges become purple and gain a collision box, so the player can walk on top of them without falling.

Activated Star Bridges emit light level 15.

Star Bridges can be used to make fancy bridges that can be switched off or to make mob traps. They can also be used as lamps or as decorations.

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