Staff of Starlight
Staff of Starlight
Type Ranged Arcana
Added 1.2
Damage Output 40 (Heartx20)
Damage Speed 1
Consumes 40 Arcana
Stackable No (1)
Data Value  ?

The Staff of Starlight is an Arcana based weapon that is the step up from the Starlight. It drops multiple stars per casting, each one dealing 40 points (Heartx20) of damage. The Staff of Starlight has infinite durability, and uses 40 Arcana per cast. However, this weapon has a drawback which is if the player does not move they will be hurt. You can trade it with Captain Merik in the Dungeon of Arcana for 20 Dungeon Tokens obtained from the Dramix and the Parasecta bosses.


  • The stars do not land precisely on the aimed block, rather they are randomized around it and "spawn" above the player which means that the target must be close up or following the player to be hit.
  • This Weapon was inspired by the Star Cloak  In Terraria.
  • A good tip is to use on packs of mobs that are weak.

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