The Sparkling Bunny is a "pet" kind of mob. It is tamed by right-clicking on a Bunny (that is in its normal form) with several Eden Sparkles. It will follow you around but it has a larger radius for following you then other pets. When you attack another mob, the Sparkling Bunny will then turn into an Angry Bunny supporting you, turning back to a sparkling bunny when the mob is killed. But, due to its little health, they are mainly meant to be cute.

The Sparkling Bunny
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Cute Sparkling Bunny
Health 20 HP (Heart x10)
Mob Type Pet Mob
Tamed With Eden Sparkles
Version Added 1.2.8 Update
Drops N/A


  • It is said that this was added on CaptainSparklez's birthday because he promoted the mod and made it popular with his famous series which can be found Here. More information about normal Bunnies can be found here.

Known Bugs

  • When feeding a Sparkling Bunny with any kind of food, the game will crash.
  • Sometimes the Sparkling Bunny won't go through the Eden Portal to the Overworld with you. They are known to just sit there at the portal and remain inactive until you come back, where they proceed to follow you around Eden.

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