Soul Fiend
Soul Fiend
Mob Type Boss
Added In Version 1.0
Spawns In only Augite Depths (1.3)
Health 1100 (Heartx550)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 34 (Heartx17)
Drops Soul Fiend Statue, Halite Slicer

The Soul Fiend is spawned using a Soul Fiend Crystal only in the Augite Depths dimension (1.3 version). It is the size of a player and has a 40% damage reduction. It has the ability to break down wooden doors and will attempt to do so to get to a player. In 1.7.10 the Soul Fiend has been revamped now giving blindness, nausea and knocking the player back when he hits the player alongside the ability to summon Soul Spider's that attack with melee(at the current version the Soul Spider's are glitched and don't do anything when they get near you).

The easiest way to kill this monster with weapons is to spawn it in a corner and endlessly hit it until death, or make a 3x3x3 Hole and kill him or even pour down lava on him, although even that method can take a long time to defeat him and can destroy his drops.

Soul Fiend Spawn Crystal Recipe

GUI Crafting Table.png

Base Spawn Crystal

Mythril Soul

Dravite Soul

Uvite Soul

Azurite Soul

Soul Fiend Crystal

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