Slicers are like shurikens but for the Twilight Dimensions


Any gem of the corresponding dimension creates 40 of that type of Slicer, with the exception of the Halite Slicer, dropped by the Soul Fiend (200 Slicers).


A list of slicers found in the Update:

Grid Dravite Slicer

Dravite Slicer

Ranged Strength: 12 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)

Grid Azurite Slicer
Azurite Slicer

Ranged Strength: 18 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)

Grid Uvite Slicer
Uvite Slicer

Ranged Strength: 22 (Heartx11)

Grid Mythril Slicer
Mythril Slicer

Ranged Strength: 28 (Heartx14)

Grid Mortum Slicer
Augite Slicer

Ranged Strength: 36 (Heartx18)

Grid Halite Slicer
Halite Slicer

Ranged Strength: 42 (Heartx21)

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