Advanced Cori
Added Unknown
Spawns Skythern
Health 35 HP (Heartx17.5)
Attack Type Ranged
Attack Strength 100 HP (Heartx50)
Drops 1-2 Augite Soul (90%)

The Advanced Cori is a mob which spawns in the Augite Depths. It is a vastly improved version of the Cori which is found in Eden. The Advanced Cori has one of the strongest attacks in Divine RPG, but they have fairly low health. It will fly around and shoot fast moving projectiles at the player, targeting a small radius around them. To survive a projectile from an Advanced Cori, high level armor with powerful enchantments should be worn, particularly Projectile Protection. 


•Wearing Angelic Armor can allow you to get above the Cories, a valuable advantage.

•Using the Angelic Armor glitch, switching out armor to something like Mortum or better will let you survive at least 1 hit from a Cori.

•Approaching a Cori from above will allow easy hits on it and let you kill it, but while doing so watching out for other Cories above you is important.

•Making a base where you can seek refuge, take sniping shots with bows, phasers or blitzes (if you feel like wasting chunks on them) and if you are lucky enough then you should be able to clear a particular area of Advanced Coris in a matter of minutes.