Serenades are crafted using 5 Diamonds, Netherite Chunks, or Shadow Bars, respectively.


A list of serenades found in the 1.2.8 Update:


Grid Serenade Striker
 The Serenade Striker is a unique magical weapon that can be obtained early in the game for relatively few resources. When used, it causes lightning to strike at the location that the user is pointing at. Though lightning strikes have somewhat low damage, the effected mob is set on fire which deals a decent amount of damage over time.

The main bonus of this weapon is that it provides accurate, long range, rapid attacks for the price of only 5 diamonds. Plus, the lightning effect ignores armor and ignites its target. It is definitely a smart investment as soon as it is available to craft. However, it wears out quickly, so you may wish to make several of them or conserve it and use it rarely.

The lightning deals 12 points (6 heart) of damage. The serenade itself only has 100 uses. Unbreaking III on it is recommended.

Grid Serenade of Death

 The Serenade of Death is a moderately powerful ranged weapon. It is made with Shadow Bars. It deals 4 points (2 hearts) of damage, poisons the target and has 500 uses.

Grid Serenade Of Health

The Serenade of Health is made from Netherite Chunks. Upon use, it heals a player by all hearts. It only has 20 uses, making it a limited, but powerful tool.

It is recommended that you craft a Serenade of Health as soon as possible and it is also recommended that you bring it with you into any major mob or boss fight. Fortunately, you can craft it before you have to fight any bosses. To make it last longer, you might want to enchant it with a Unbreaking III Enchanted Book on a Anvil.


  • The Serenades are planned to be rebalanced and will have different crafting recipes after the 1.3.1 update