The Scythe
Durability Infinite
Tool Weapon
Stackable One

The Scythe is a moderately powerful ranged weapon that is obtained only by trading with Jack-O-Man. The cost of the Scythe is 6 Wither Skeleton Skulls and 60 Eyes of Ender, this is quite expensive for a weapon that only deals 4 points (2 hearts) of damage. However if you wear the Jack-O-Man costume, which is bought from him for a total of 200 Pumpkins and 40 Eyes of Ender, the Scythe will deal 16 points of damage, combined with its pre-existing high rate of fire, and its confusion debuff thus makes it a powerful weapon. However the Jack-O-Man costume has zero protection. It is also suggested to take care when using this weapon, as the player can take damage if the projectiles fired come into contact with them.