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Rupee Shovel
Durability 2500
Tool Shovel
Stackable No

The Rupee Shovel is a tool crafted in the same way as other shovels, only with a Rupee Ingot at the top. It has a durability of 2500 and an efficiency of 16.0. The rupee tools are some of the few available tools that can be used to harvest resources in Dravite Hills. The shovel is used in the creation of the Rupee Shickaxe.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Rupee Ingot



Rupee Shovel

NOTE: This recipe is shapeless.
GUI Crafting Table.png

Rupee Shovel

Rupee Axe

Rupee Pickaxe

Rupee Hoe

Rupee Shickaxe

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