In Minecraft, weapons can be repaired by anvils. The same goes for some weapons in Divine RPG. However, due to the mechanics of the mod, although items may be repaired, they are not necessarily repaired by the materials they are made out of. Also, none of the weapons (as of Divine RPG 1.2.8) have been assigned with a "repairing material", so some weapons may not be repaired. Combining a weapon with itself (eg. Repairing a Diamond Sword with a Diamond Sword) is not considered to be a repair.

If a "repairing material" cannot be found for a particular weapon, it will be marked with "Unknown". If a weapon has infinite uses, then they do not need to be repaired ,and hence will be marked with "N/A". Below are tables listing all the weapons introduced in Divine RPG (still in development), and what they can be repaired by. 

Weapons can also be classified in terms of whether or not they are worth repairing. For example: A Diamond Sword is crafted with 2 Diamonds, but requires a total of 4 Diamonds to repair it completely. Therefore, it is much better to craft a new Diamond Sword, and hence it is not worth repairing. This classification assumes you have not put any enchantments on your weapon.

Melee Weapons

Name of Weapon Damage Repaired by Worth repairing?
Palavence 1
Massivence 1
Frossivence 1
Realmite Sword 6 N/A Infinite Uses
Arlemite Stabber 6
Crabclaw Maul 6
Rupee Rapier 9
Bloodgem Sword 9 N/A Infinite Uses
Inferno Sword 9 N/A Infinite Uses
Dual Claw 9
Frost Sword 10 Ice Stone No
Molten Sword 10
Aquatic Dagger 10
Slime Sword 11 Diamond Yes
Shark Sword 11
Donator Sword 12
Bedrock Sword 13
Death Bringer 13
Fury Maul 14 N/A Infinite Uses
Ocean Knife 14
Aquatic Trident 15
Poison Saber 16
Icicle Bane 16 N/A Infinite Uses
Frostking Sword 16
Corrupted Maul 18
Glacier Sword 18
Aquaton 18
Bedrock Maul 19 N/A Infinite Uses
Aquatic Maul 22
Ender Sword 23 N/A Infinite Uses
Bluefire Sword 24
Scorching Sword 26
Enderice 28 N/A Infinite Uses
Divine Sword 29 N/A Infinite Uses
Sandslash 32
Flaming Fury 32
Icine Sword 34 N/A Infinite Uses
Dravite Blade 36 Dravite Gem Yes
Snowslash 38
Azurite Blade 44 Azurite Gem Yes
Livicia Sword 45
Uvite Blade 54 Uvite Gem Yes
Mythril Blade 64 Mythril Gem Yes
Augite Blade 76 Augite Gem Yes
Halite Blade 82 Augite Gem Yes

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