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Realmite Ore
Realmite Ore
Type Mineral Block
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Data Value 220
Added Version 0.2
Realmite is the lowest tier Divine RPG overworld material. Realmite is a very common ore, being slightly less common than iron but more common than diamond. Realmite commonly generates between levels 17 and 5. If smelted in a furnace, the player gets a Realmite Ingot.



Realmite Ore

Realmite Ingot


Realmite is used to craft a wide array of tools, weapons and armor. The full list along with recipes can be found on the Realmite Ingot page.

Hints & Tips

  • Realmite is dropped by both the Cave Crawler and Caveclops. These can be farmed for Realmite without the player having to mine vast areas of land.
  • The Realmite Sword has infinite durability so it makes a good starting weapon. However, it requires 18 Realmite Ingots and does the same amount of damage as an iron sword.
  • Realmite Ore cannot be blown up with TNT. This means you can mine with explosives without the risk of losing Realmite.

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