Raglok Chamber Outer

Outer view

The Raglok Chamber is a generated structure that spawns on the highest layer of Vethea. The Vethean boss Raglok Gog'dure is spawned here.


The Raglok Chamber is relatively straight-forward. Though it is surrounded by Chamber Walls, there is an entrance. The main entrance is followed by a mini-parkour puzzle in which you jump on Firecrystals to get to a stairway. This stairway leads to a battlefield which is lined with Firecrystals. The Raglok Altar is at the other end of this battlefield. Using Dream Flint on the altar will spawn Raglok Gog'dure.

WARNING: Due to a game crash issue, do NOT spawn Raglok! If you defeat him, he will permanently corrupt your save file!!!

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