Queen of Ice
Queen of Ice Full Size
Type Ranged Weapon (Queen)
Damage Output 27 (Heart x13.5)
Consumes Nothing
Durability 2000
Speed Limitless
Special Slowness III, 6 seconds
Stackable No (1)
Added Version 1.0
The Queen of Ice is the Queen obtained from the crafting of 5 Azurite Chunks. It is a moderately powerful Phaser, dealing 27 ranged damage. It consumes no ammunition and has 2000 uses. Despite being a bit more expensive and less durable than the Azurite Phaser, the Queen of Ice slows enemies, which can be extremely useful as a support weapon if used correctly. Its extremely high rate of fire also allows it to do high damage in a short period of time, making it highly recommended to obtain this weapon.


Ingredients Input » Output
Azurite Chunks
GUI Crafting Table.png

Azurite Chunk

Azurite Chunk

Azurite Chunk

Azurite Chunk

Azurite Chunk

Queen of Ice

Combat Application and Uses

The Queen of Ice has an extremely high rate of fire, and can be used like an anchor to knock enemies back. This is effective when coupled with its moderate damage. However, given that it only has 2000 uses, one should be careful when spam-clicking, as this will drain the durability very quickly.

The Queen of Ice also has the ability to slow enemies by 45% (inflicts a Slowness III effect for 6 seconds). This ability immediately turns the Queen of Ice into a valuable support weapon, as it can "weaken" enemies by slowing their movements, giving the player more time to react. An experienced player would alternate between 2 (or even 3) weapons to achieve the most out of the slow effect, as it can be used to make difficult battles significantly easier.


  • This weapon is the key to defeating the King of Scorchers. Not only will it slow down the boss, the player can constantly fire away from a safe distance, inflicting high amounts of damage while remaining unharmed.

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