Punisher jungle
150px-Каратель джунглей (Divine RPG)
Punisher jungle HD
Mob Type Agresive
Added In Version 1.1
Spawns in Jungle Biome
Health 100 HP (Heartx50)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 19 damage (Heartx9.5)
Drops 1-4 Fragment of the jungle
The Punisher jungle is a hostile mob added by the Divine RPG modification.


The Punisher jungle resembles a green dinosaur with red eyes. He moves very slowly, approximately with the same speed moves the cow. Therefore, it is possible to overtake even when walking. But don't underestimate him — the Punisher jungle can kill an unprepared player with two strokes. This is one of the two most dangerous mobs of the jungle, on a par with the spider of the jungle.


The best method of extraction of fragments of jungle with him is to enclose a space of 4x4 block and beat it from the inside of this fence. However, you should keep your distance to the Punisher of the jungle did not cause the player damage. It is easier to defeat the Punisher is to dig under a 3-on-3, and then put in (not in the pit 3 on 3, and around it) any polublok, then take the glass (not the glass panel and the glass, check the glass for any polublok that You put next to the hole and close them. It is desirable to buil

d everything in the jungle.


  • The Punisher jungle is a smaller version of enslaved, the Punisher, the death adder and Punisher.

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