Pumpkin Spider
Added Version 1.4.1
Spawns Near Pumpkin patches
Health 50 HP (Heartx25)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength 10 HP (Heartx5)
Drops 1 Pumpkin, 0-2 Terran Shards
Pumpkin Spiders were added in 1.4.1. They spawn near Pumpkin patches. They are initially disguised, but when a player gets too close to a Pumpkin Spider, they will come out of the pumpkin patch and attack. They will always drop 1 Pumpkin and can drop 0-2 Terran Shards.
2016-01-28 20.58.33

A disguised Pumpkin Spider (note the unsual pattern on the Pumpkin)

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