Parasecta is a boss that was introduced with the Dungeon of Arcana. It has the appearance of a butterfly or moth.

Basic Information

Parasecta can be spawned by right-clicking a Wizard's Book on the top of a Phoenix Altar, which are located in boss rooms within the Dungeon of Arcana . Parasecta will fly around and swarm a player when it is aggressive them. Parasecta is a very hard boss as keeping it back will require the use of high knockback items or an Arcanium Reflector . There is a bug where if you die and re-enter Arcana and fight him again, he cannot hurt you. He drops 0-12 Dungeon Tokens.


  • Parasecta is one of the only flying bosses currently in DivineRPG, along with The Watcher.
  • Parasecta is considered one of the harder boss fights in DivineRPG, due to his homing AI.
  • Both Dramix and Parasecta drop Dungeon Tokens, however Parasecta drops more as Parasecta is a harder boss fight.

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