The Overworld is the starting and main dimension in all of Minecraft. There are quite a few biomes in the Overworld, including Taiga, Snow, Hill, Plains, Jungle, Desert and Ocean. There are also a variety of mobs; the vanilla Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, Spider Jockey, Spider, Cow, Pig, etc.

DivineRPG Mobs

There are numerous DivineRPG mobs that spawn in the Overworld.

  • And two that spawn in the Taiga biome...(Frost, Glacon)

There are also mobs like the Kobblin, which spawn in several biomes.

Also found in the Overworld is the Pumpkin Spider, which only spawns near pumpkin patches.

Divine RPG does override the regular spawning mobs such as cows, but does not effect the spawning of villages, temples or biomes. 

DivineRPG Ores

There are also three new ores, called Arlemite, Realmite, and Rupee Ore. Realmite spawns below Layer 15, and Arlemite and Rupee spawn below Layer 10. 

DivineRPG Bosses

There are two bosses that spawn in the Overworld. The Ancient Entity, and the Wither.

NOTE: the Wither is a vanilla Minecraft boss, and has not been modded.

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