The Nightmare Bed is the bed used to get into Vethea.

Nightmare Bed
Nightmare Bed
Block Type Portal
Added In Version 1.4.0
Crafting 3 Mortum Block, 3 Mortum Log
Uses Infinite


When you make the Nightmare Bed, you can place it down on most normal blocks. The Nightmare Bed as of now can only be used at night (like a normal bed). If it is nighttime and you right-click the bed, a warning message will display:

"WARNING! Are you sure you want to enter Vethea; every Minecraft player's worst nightmare? There may be no coming back..."

Right-clicking the bed again will send you to Vethea.

Upon entering Vethea, the old-style portal (8 Mortum Blocks in a diamond shape) will spawn at your location, so Nightmare Beds are only used to get to Vethea, not to exit from it.


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