Moon Wolf
Added 1.0
Spawns Azurite Forest
Health 200 HP (Heartx100)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength 20 HP (Heartx10)
Drops Azurite Flower

Azurite Soul

Moon Wolves are mobs that spawn in the Azurite Forests. They are neutral mobs, meaning they won't attack you unless you attack them first. They can be tamed with Bones just like regular Wolves can and they will do more damage to mobs and it will take a lot longer for them to get killed by other mobs. This mob is not very hard to find, so you should take advantage of how easy they are to find.

How to heal them

They are healed with exactly the same food as vanilla wolves. Also, if a piece of Divine RPG food says, "Pet Food = True" in its tooltip, then that means that all Divine RPG pets can be healed by that item.


  • Moon Wolves act like a group of normal wolves, so if you provoke one, the surrounding Moon Wolves will become hostile.  It is highly suggested to not hit one for this reason, also because of their high attack strength they are capable of instantly killing an unarmed player.
  • Although powerful and deadly to mobs, tamed Moon Wolfs are bad against bosses. The wolves move the boss farther and farther away from you without inflicting enough damage to be worth the chase. Also, there is a distinct possibility of getting lost, wandering a jungle, wandering a nightime taiga, altogether getting killed, and losing the moon dogs to chasms and lava pits and such.

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