Merik's Missile
Durability Infinite
Tool Weapon
Stackable No
Data Value 5715

Merik's Missile is a ranged weapon which uses Arcana as ammunition. It is obtained from Captain Merik in the Dungeon of Arcana for exchange for 15 dungeon tokens . It fires an explosive projectile. The explosion cannot destroy any blocks. By holding right click, it charges a shot and makes it more powerful. It has 4 base ranged damage (13 when fully charged). The projectile locks onto a target and takes a zig-zag route to the target. However, sometimes it hits the ground and blows up pre-emtively. Because of this, it is recommended to use it from high ground or in an open area. There is a bug in SMP in which using the Meriks Missile crashed the server.


  • It doesn't work in multiplayer now.

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