Illustrious Magic Meat is a special food item that can be consumed instantaneously, while providing a hearty boost to the hunger bar ( Full HungerFull HungerHalf Hunger if Magic Meat, Full HungerFull HungerFull HungerHalf Hunger if Enriched).

Normal Magic Meat is obtained via drop from Azurite TomosAzurite Golems and Vereks; mobs found within the Azurite Forests. Enriched Magic Meat is dropped by Uvite Golems and Uvite Cadillions, found within the Uvite Islands.


Magic Meat has the shape of a Porkchop, with the difference of being retextured blue. Enriched Magic Meat has the same texture, with higher contrast.


Unlike normal foods, Magic Meat (and Enriched) can be consumed instantaneously. There is no eating animation, and therefore you can restore your hunger bar very quickly.


Magic Meat can be useful when fighting bosses or mobs with high health. Swinging your sword takes up quite a bit of your hunger, so when you are trying to eat it will leave you vulnerable for a short period of time (you move slowly when you eat, and you cannot attack). However, if you use Magic Meat, you can consume the meat instantaneously and resume fighting without the period of vulnerability.

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