Mage - Mob that spawns in the Wild forest

2016-05-27 19.21.11
Mage in game (in the background Wildwood Golem)
Mob type angry
added in 1.4.0
Spawns in Wildwood
Health 90 HP (Heartx45)
Attack Type distant
Damage Output 5 damage (Heartx2.5)
Drops 0-2 wildwood souls Grid Azurite Soul


Looks like a creature without a neck,arms and legs (But hands and feet are), with one eye and 4 squares that rotate around the head,it's blue in color and has a pattern on the body.In weapons is a staff,which he shoots.


It deals little damage,but has Greater speed in firing,which does not come into it,If you have armor with the enchantment on the resistance to recoil,to kill is not difficult,but if not,it is better to kill him with any ranged weapons.


  • Its design is reminiscent of the Rayman games from "Rayman"

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