Mage - Mob that spawns in the Wildwood

Mob type Hostile
added in 1.4.0
Spawns in Wildwood
Health 90 HP (x45)
Attack Type Ranged
Damage Output 5 damage (x2.5)
Drops 0-2 wildwood souls 

Appearance == The Mage is mostly blue with a few spots of cyan, has a floating torso with no arms, legs, or neck, and a floating head with 4 tiny cubes orbiting it. In their left hand, they hold a tall staff with a strange object at the top part.

Tactics == They deal Moderate damage for each singular hit, and fire Magic projectiles at an annoyingly fast rate. That being told, these guys can be a major pain to fight up close. It is recommended to fight using something like an Inferno Bow, or (if you have one) a Bluefire Bow, or any ranged weapon in general.

Trivial Info.

  • Its design is reminiscent of the Rayman games from "Rayman"