Lunastone is a block found in Vethea. It is a stone structure block that has a texture reminiscent of Moss Stone.

Though the name implies a reference to Lady Luna and the block is indeed found in the Lunic Garden, the block is more easily found in the ceiling villages in Layer 1 of Vethea.


It is purely a decorative block that adds some nice touches to the structures it appears in.

Some blocks of Lunastone appear in the Lunic Garden surrounding the Lunic Altar. There are only a few there, though.

Lunastone is used as a roofing block for some of the buildings of the villages of The Hunger. There is more Lunastone here, since there are usually several buildings in a village.


Though it is used to help build the Hungers' houses, it is not offered in a trade by The Hunger. Since Lunastone is a stone-based Vethean block, it is unobtainable without a way to get a pickaxe in Vethea (whether through cheats or legitimately through another mod).

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