Lumps are received from NPCs all around Vethea.

Types of Lumps

There are 8 lumps:

  1. Teaker Lump
  2. Amthirmis Lump

    The eight types of Lumps

  3. Darven Lump
  4. Cermile Lump
  5. Pardimal Lump
  6. Quadrotic Lump
  7. Heliosis Lump
  8. Arksaine Lump

Use for lumps

The use for lumps is to create armor of weapons.  Using the altar, lumps can be put in with a template in order to create a weapon or armor piece.  Depending on which lump you use will vary in amount needed for armor and weapons.  Higher tier weapons and armor require more lumps.  

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