2013-02-23 19.35.42

La Vekor in game.

La Vekor is a ranged weapon which fires Grenades at a high rate of fire. The Grenades fired from it act the same as when they are thrown, as it will not aggravate neutral mobs or drop any experience from killed mobs. The Grenades also do the same damage as normal. It is obtained by trading with Captain Merik in the Dungeon of Arcana for 6 Arcanium. The ammunition used is Grenades and it has infinite durability.

La Vekor fires 2 Grenades per second, because it fires so fast it can easily destroy the loot dropped by mobs. Due to this, it is only recommended to use the La Vekor during the beginning of a boss battle, so that you can see its health go down and know when to stop.

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