Mob Type Hostile
Spawn Vethea Layer 3
Health Points 70 (Heartx35)
Damage Output Easy: 10 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)
Normal: 19 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
Hard: 28 (Heartx14)
Drops Grid Polished Pearls Polished Pearls (1)

The L'heiva is a floating creature that lives on the third layer of Vethea. L'heiva can only be damaged if the player is carrying Band of Heiva Hunting.


L'heiva act like normal melee mobs, slowly moving up to a player and using a strong melee attack. However, L'heiva are invulnerable without the Band of Heiva Hunting, which must be obtained by trading 25 Shiny Pearls with The Hunger. Shiny Pearls are found only on Layers 3 and 4 of Vethea and are quite rare, so the player must conquer said layer first in order to fight L'heiva.


L'heiva can do large amounts of damage, almost killing unarmored players in one hit on Normal difficulty. However, they are not very fast, and can be fought with melee weapons. Due to their strong attack strengths, ranged and arcanic weapons are recommended for unarmored players.

If the player has no Band of Heiva Hunting, running away is an option as the L'heiva can be outrun.


When killed, L'heiva drop one Polished Pearls, which can then be traded to The Hunger for items such as Dream Flint.


  • The L'heiva is part of Vethea. The L'heiva introduces a whole new AI and fighting style to DivineRPG.
  • L'heiva do not take any environmental damage (except for damage from The Void). This means that leading an L'heiva off of a cliff is useless if the player wants to damage it.

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