King Crab
King crab
A King Crab on a Beach.
Mob Type Neutral
Added In Version 1.1
Spawns in Beach Biome
Health 100 HP (Heartx50)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 5 damage (Heartx2.5)
Drops 0-1 Crab Claws, 0-3 Aquatic Pellets
King Crabs are neutral mobs which spawn in the Overworld. They are larger and more formidable versions of Crabs. The King Crab attacks the player with a short range melee attack. They can also be spawned with the King Crab Spawner, only obtainable through the creative menu.

The King Crab is one of only two mobs that drops Crab Claws, the other being Crabs, and it is the only mob that drops Aquatic Pellets, dropping either 0 or 3 pellets (never in between with the exception of a looting enchantment on a sword). They are used in the creation of Aquatic Ingots and eventually the construction of Aquatic Weapons.


The King Crab will only spawn in the Beach Biome. It is a neutral mob and therefore will only attack the player if provoked. Due to its high health and reasonable damage, it is not recommended to engage one too early. They can be easily dispatched in two simple ways:

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are effective against King Crabs as you can prevent them from ever reaching you. The best early ranged weapon to use would be a Bow, preferably an enchanted one.


Dig a 3*3 hole 2 blocks deep, then push the King Crab into it. Then, add sand/gravel blocks above him and wait. After a while, he will die and you will receive the loot. 

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