Karos Rockmaul
Karos Rockmaul
Type Weapons
Weapon Type Melee
Durability Infinite
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Data Value 4758

The Karos Rockmaul is the strongest melee weapon in Vethea and in the entire game. It does a total of 47 points (Heartx23.5) of damage. It is obtained from The Hunger for twenty-five Rock Chunks, which are dropped by Dr. Karos, hence the name of the weapon.


The Karos Rockmaul can be obtained through trade with The Hunger for twenty-five Rock Chunks as shown below.

The Hunger Trade.png

Rock Chunks



Karos Rockmaul

Rock Chunks are obtained by killing Dr. Karos. When he is killed, he drops one to three Rock Chunks - so Dr. Karos will have to be killed at least nine times in order to get a Karos Rockmaul. Since the player needs one Dream Flint each time and Dream Flint costs 20 Polished Pearls each, the Karos Rockmaul will cost at least 180 Polished Pearls, so it will take time to obtain.


The Karos Rockmaul is a very strong weapon, able to take out every non-boss Vethea mob in three strikes or less, and is a very good melee weapon to have. It can be easily used to farm mobs, including the ones on Layer 3 and Layer 4.

The Everlight and Arksiane WrathSword are almost as strong as the Karos Rockmaul and will take less time to obtain, so they can be used as a primary weapon instead. However, if the player has the time, the Karos Rockmaul is a good item to try and get.


  • The Karos Rockmaul is the strongest melee weapon in the game, dealing 47 damage (Heartx23.5).
  • Before the Karos Rockmaul was added, the Everlight was the strongest, dealing 45 damage (Heartx22.5).
  • Furthermore, before the mod was rebalanced, the Halite Blade was the strongest. It dealt 82 damage (Heartx41), but now it only does 34 damage (Heartx17).
  • Also, the upcoming Spineback Maul will likely be stronger than the Karos Rockmaul.

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