The Karos Madhouse is a boss lair in Vethea. It is home to the mad scientist (hence the name) boss, Dr. Karos.


The Karos Madhouse is quite straightforward. It is shaped like a key - complete with a "K" at the top. There is a pathway from the main entrance (the end of the key) to the main hall, covered in Karos Heat Tiles (which can get very dangerous). In the main room, there are more Karos Heat Tiles, several block weapons that Karos uses to attack (like the Karos Cannon), and the Karos Altar itself, which spawns Dr. Karos when Dream Flint is used on its top.


The Karos Madhouse uses these blocks:

- Karos Bricks (code name, no official one yet, cannot be pick blocked, does not show up in NEI)

- Karos Heat Tile

- Karos Cannon

- Heliotic Beam

- Altar Lamp

- Karos Altar

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