The boss, Kar-OT
Mob Type Boss
Added In Version 1.0
Spawns In only Mortum (1.4)
Health 1250 HP (Heartx625)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 35 (Heartx17.5)
Drops Halite Phaser

Kar-OT is a boss, effectively a massive Angry Bunny. Kar-OT can spawn angry bunnies as minions while being attacked. Kar-OT is spawned using the Kar-OT Crystal. Upon death, he drops the Halite Phaser.

Kar-OT Spawn Crystal Recipe

GUI Crafting Table.png

Base Spawn Crystal

Mortum Soul

Mythril Soul

Uvite Soul

Mortum Soul

Kar-OT Crystal


  • This boss is a reference to the carrot because he is an actual bunny.

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