The Hover Stinger is spawned by The Hive Queen as a minion. It is found in the Vethea Dimension and does 3 HP (Heartx1.5) of damage. The Hover Stinger is a tier 1 mob that is either spawned naturally or by the hive queen. It has 20 HP (10 hearts) of health and drops dirty pearls. They are a flying mob that fly in an erratic fashion, changing their Y coordinate by about 1. Melee is recommended as the primary attack type as ranged weapons will often miss due to their unlinear trajectory. However, arcanic weapons such as staves can be helpful, as the ammunition is arcana which is instantly recharged. Tiers such as darven or better staves are strongly recomended as you can fire many projectiles rapidly without worrying about anything (other than a potential drastic FPS decrease). Many players consider Hover Stingers an annoying mob because they can seem to appear from nowhere and spawn on all layers. They can easily be an issue during fights because unarmored players mid-battle (such as using a staff or disc on a Dreamwrecker) can be caught off-guard and must deal with the Stinger as well as avoid the pull of the Dreamwrecker.

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