Hell Spider
Added Version 1.1
Spawns Nether
Health 120 (Heartx60)
Attack Type Melee (and short range fire attack)
Attack Strength 23 (Heartx11.5)
Drops 0-1 Molten Shards

Hell Spiders are hostile mobs that spawn in The Nether. They are highly dangerous, spider-like mobs. Hell Spiders are able to climb just like a normal spider, except they deal more damage, have more health, and can set a player on fire. They only spawn in The Nether. It is recommended that you try to avoid this mob, unless you intend to obtain Molten Shards. It is slightly easier to kill than a Wildfire, but drops fewer Molten Shards per kill.

Combat Strategy and Tips

Due to their dark color and small size, you may find yourself with a Hell Spider before you're ready. But if you have enough time, and the hell spider is in pursuit of you, dig a hole directly under you, two blocks deep. This will protect you from the hell spider's attacks, while you can kill it from below. 

However, you must be sure there are enough blocks under you to dig two blocks down, or else you may find yourself falling to your death in a pool of lava.  Due to their deep red color, you won't see them flash when taking damage.

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