Halite Slicer
Halite Slicer Full Size
Type Throwing Weapon
Damage 42 Ranged (Heartx21)
Stackable Yes (64)
Added Version 1.0?

Halite Slicers are the Throwing Weapons obtained as the boss drop of a Soul Fiend. Halite Slicers deal 42 Ranged Damage (Heartx21) each, and can be thrown in rapid sucession if the player has many Halite Slicers. Killing the Soul Fiend Boss will yield in 200 Halite Slicers.

Combat Application and Use

Although the Halite Slicer is cheap in material worth (requiring only 1 Base Spawn Crystal and 4 other souls), it is actually quite difficult to obtain, as one must kill the Soul Fiend Boss. However, the Halite Slicer's extremely high damage and availability makes it a weapon worth obtaining.

Like an Anchor, the projectiles can be thrown extremely rapidly, meaning that it can knock mobs out of hostile range. This is especially useful against Frost Archers. Also, slicers in general are more effective against flying enemies compared to any other ranged weapon, as one can throw them extremely rapidly, each dealing high damage. 

Unfortunately, throwing Halite Slicers is not the best way to kill mobs with high health. This is because it can take several Halite Slicers to kill a mob, dwindling your limited supply. However, a quick flurry of several Halite Slicers can be used at an enemy to knock them back by quite a distance should the player need time to escape or recover. This is very useful against bosses, as the player can inflict high damage whilst knocking them back, giving he/she time to eat/recover. It is also possible to enchant any slicers on an Anvil, using an enchanted book.

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